Highly Sensitive Child Parenting Strategies

Is Your Child Struggling With High Sensitivity?

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  • Does your child get home from school, overwhelmed by the day, and need to vent their frustrations somehow?
  • Do they have strong, often overwhelming emotions, and take a long time to calm down after an upset?
  • Do they take longer than you’d expect to get used to new places or people?
  • Are they more intense, serious, and observant than you’d expect at their age?

  • Does the usual advice not only not fit your highly sensitive boy or girl, but also backfire on you?

Highly Sensitive Child Parenting Strategies - Upset Boy

Are you looking for something that will help YOU to help YOUR child?

Are you looking for ways to help your child with their sensitivity, not against it?

Are you looking for expert help from someone who’s been there, done that?

This Is For You.

Highly Sensitive Children: Parenting Strategies

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IMPORTANT: If you are hoping to desensitise them, to make them less sensitive, this is NOT for you. Your child’s sensitivity is a gift. It’s their gift. It’s not yours to throw away!

Highly Sensitive Child: Parenting Strategies

An online self-paced video guide to help you understand your highly sensitive child

Parenting strategy for highly sensitive children

by a highly sensitive person

with a highly sensitive family.

You get instant access an easy-to-implement series of videos covering:

  • The principles and foundations for understanding your highly sensitive child

  • Tips for identifying and dealing with sensory input

  • Know-how for responding to your child’s emotional world

  • A way to create the kind of family life that you all love

This video training helps you help your highly sensitive child understand, manage and master their sensitivities, instead of being overwhelmed by them.

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Highly sensitive children are more affected by their parents’ parenting styles than non-highly-sensitive kids.

The bad news: Do a naff job of it, and they suffer more than non-highly-sensitive kids.

The good news: Do a good job of it, and they’ll benefit more than non-highly-sensitive kids.

Ready for a better kind of positive feedback loop?

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You might’ve already found that generic parenting advice doesn’t work for you and your child.

You might even find that it does the exact opposite of what it’s supposed to do: with you both ending up more stressed out than you were before.

I’m Sue Susnik, and as a highly sensitive person, a parent, and coach, I speak from my own experience:

  • As a highly sensitive child
  • As a highly sensitive person parenting a highly sensitive family
  • And from my clients’ experiences of high sensitivity in themselves and their families.

Working with highly sensitive clients since 2014, I’m familiar with the patterns affecting highly sensitive children, parents, and families. These are patterns that generic parenting guidance doesn’t always cover.

My own journey in becoming and being a parent has shaped and informed my work with highly sensitive parents.

In this training, I’ve gathered together straightforward strategies and principles for recognising, understanding and managing high sensitivity. These are the tools I’ve shared with my clients to help them handle high sensitivity in their families. These are the tools I use with my family too, to create a family life that we enjoy and thrive in.

Sue Susnik Highly sensitive child parenting strategies

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What clients say…

Here’s what people say about working with me:

Sue is smart, you know kind of this very clear, down to earth, British-thing true to your self, scientist smart. But on the other hand, her sensitivity, her gift, her talent is mind blowing and undeniable.


Sue offered useful advice that enabled me better to process trauma … and resulting challenges in a variety of relationships. She is not content to help in the moment but explains practices that allow focused solo work to fix the “emotional plumbing” and strengthen one’s emotional health and coping mechanism.

I enjoy Sue’s very practical metaphors, which insinuate themselves like climbing anchors on a rock-face, as well as her humor, professionalism and openness.
Sue is not only incredibly smart and intuitive, but also unusually kind and generous.


Sue helped me release the stress, figure out which issues were most important to me, and how to address them. Sue has a unique ability to help you release and understand your emotions. Sue provides a wonderful combination of her high sensitivity and a very down-to-earth, no-nonsense approach to her coaching.


Sue is the perfect balance of intuition, intellect, compassion, and proud geek.


People tell me I’m really good at:

  • Getting a technical mind and an open heart to work together.
  • Explaining things clearly in a non-shaming, understanding way.  It’s a very special gift.
  • Nurturing, seeing through defences, holding people in a completely unique way and strengthening foundations.
Sue Susnik Highly sensitive child parenting strategies

Highly Sensitive Children: Parenting Strategies

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What are the signs and symptoms of a Highly Sensitive Child?

Is your child Highly Sensitive? How would you know if they were?


One of the key indicators or hallmarks of Highly Sensitive People and Highly Sensitive Children is intensity.

Highly Sensitive People can be really intense. Highly Sensitive Children are no exception to this.

They have:

  • intense emotions, moods, and feelings
  • intense sensory experiences
  • intense responses to things
  • intense interests in things and fascinations

Intensity is a good indicator that you might be dealing with a Highly Sensitive Child.

Observant & perceptive

Another indicator of a Highly Sensitive Child is that they notice a lot.

They notice what they see. They notice all the details about things.

Maybe ask questions about it or point it out.

They notice what they hear – maybe even small and or irritating sounds that nobody else can hear.

They might be sensitive to what they can taste, with strong preferences, likes and dislikes.

They may have the strong reactions to clothes that don’t feel comfortable – or even strong reactions to clothes that feel really comfortable and nice.


The most obvious indicator is that your child seems sensitive. In fact, they sometimes appear to be over-sensitive.

Emotionally sensitive children, the ones who cry easily, feel deeply, respond lovingly, are the ones we might think of when we hear ‘Highly Sensitive Child’ – but emotional sensitivity is just one facet of High Sensitivity.

These are all possible characteristics of Highly Sensitive Children.

Not every child shows every characteristic:

Each child has their own special set of sensitivities.

Knowing your child’s sensitivities helps you handle them better – and helps you help them more effectively, too.

Discover your child’s sensitivities in the Highly Sensitive Child: Parenting Strategies course!

Highly Sensitive Child Parenting Strategies - Upset Boy

Highly Sensitive Children: Parenting Strategies

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What is High Sensitivity?

Q: What is a Highly Sensitive Person?

  1. In a nutshell, high sensitivity means that you sense more, and you have stronger responses to those sensations, regardless of which sense they come through. If you take just one thing from this article, take this and run with it.
  2. 1 in 5 people (20%) are highly sensitive. It’s common, but minority.
  3. High sensitivity is genetic. A highly sensitive child will become a highly sensitive adult. Your genetic parents and genetically-related relatives may also show signs and symptoms of high sensitivity. You don’t grow out of it – you can learn to handle it more skilfully.
  4. High sensitivity varies enormously in breadth of experience. Some HSPs are highly sensitive to a few things. Some are highly sensitive to lots of things. Some are highly sensitive to All The Things.
  5. High sensitivity varies in intensity of experience. Some people are highly sensitive. Some are intensely highly sensitive. And some are supercalifragilisticexpialidociously highly sensitive.
  6. High sensitivity can be temporarily heightened or reduced. Hormones, tiredness, illness, hunger, or a recent build-up of full-on experiences can all make you more sensitive than usual. High sensitivity can be moderated, turned down, tuned out. It can’t be (healthily) turned off, but it can be managed.
  7. It’s not necessarily a disorder, but some highly sensitive people experience difficulties because of their sensitivity. High sensitivity also flies under the banner of Hypersensitivity, Sensory Processing Sensitivity, and Sensory Processing Disorder.

What are the typical Highly Sensitive Child problems?

Highly Sensitive Children can have difficulties with:

Sensory experiences

  • Sensory overwhelm
  • Meltdown
  • Shutdown
  • Needing a long time to recover.
  • Can’t handle busy environments – classrooms, shopping centres

Emotional experiences

  • Intense internal world
  • Strong emotional reactions and responses
  • Mood swings
  • Intense happiness or over-excitement
  • Crashing upsets and overwhelming distress

Perceiving the world differently to others

  • Sees more of the bigger picture
  • Understanding far-reaching consequences
  • Grasps interconnections and implications
  • Often feels like the odd one out, misunderstood
  • Feels a deep loneliness from being with people who don’t “get” them

Needing lots of quiet, time, and space

  • Need more time to process their experiences
  • “Clingy” – young children needing lots of time with their trusted grown-up(s)
  • Needs lots of solo time
  • Irritability, low mood, inability to concentrate, zoning out, or anxiety if not enough processing time available
  • Meltdown or shutdown in situations with an overload of input
Highly Sensitive Child Parenting Strategies - Upset Boy

Highly Sensitive Children: Parenting Strategies

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What happens in a family with Highly Sensitive Parents or Children?

In a family, high sensitivity can make you quickly get on each other’s nerves!

The strong emotions of Highly Sensitive Adults and Children can end up dominating and overwhelming family members, leading to everyone sitting on edge and being reactive with one another.

Understanding your highly sensitive child better – and yourself – lowers the family stress levels, leading to more opportunities to do interesting, fun and playful activities.

Discovering the ways to help calm one another down, as well as avoid winding each other up, leads to a positive spiral towards a more harmonious, happy and healthy family life.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the most common questions about this course, but if yours isn’t on the list, drop me a note at thelab@suesusnik.com and I’ll do my best to answer.

Q: How is it delivered?

It’s all online. You get your own login details to access the videos and transcripts.

Q: What’s included?

Seven key lessons with practical things for you to get to know your child’s sensitivities inside and out.

The essential principles for parenting highly sensitive children.

What the greatest gift is that you can give your highly sensitive child.

Q: How do I pay?

You can pay by credit or debit card via the PayPal system – you don’t need a PayPal account.

Q: How long do I need?

Each video is shorter than 10 minutes. You can apply these methods straight away, and dive deeper when that suits you.

Q: What happens when I sign up?

You get immediate access to the complete Parenting Strategies course. You’ll also receive a few short emails with questions and reminders to help you along in the first week or two.

Q: How do I ask you a question?

Got a question I’ve not answered here? Drop me a note at thelab@suesusnik.com and I’ll do my best to respond.

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